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Victor Friedman has been creating photographic art for over forty years. His work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Museum of the City of New York. He has exhibited in galleries in New York and Philadelphia as well as the University of Mexico and Haifa University, Israel. His prints were selected by the U.S. Ambassador to Germany for display on the walls of the US Embassy in Berlin. Photo credits include The New York Times, Popular Photography, Black & White Magazine and publications by West Publishing, McGraw-Hill, John Wiley, Harper & Row, and Penguin Group.

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Nova Scotia Portfolio Nova Scotia Portfolio Nova Scotia Portfolio
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Victor Friedman's book FLAG is available online and in bookstores.
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"Friedman imbues his work with the soul of a true artist..."

-Black & White Magazine
 #65/April 2009 [See full article]

"Friedman pays a more oblique homage to Cubism in his photographic montages, in which geometric structure plays off against the organic forms of fruit and human bodies..."

-The New York Times
 September 13, 1998

"Victor Friedman captures his former childhood haunts with portraits such as 'At Morning Prayer.' By contrast, his photographs on view at the Alliance function more as narration than as allusion or visual motif. This largely self-taught photographer displays an intelligent reading of everyday subject matter..."

-The Philadelphia Inquirer
 July 20, 1985

"Friedman was evidently inspired by the bleak beauty of the Nova Scotia coast and the hardiness of its inhabitants. Both the place and its people seem to belong to an earlier era, and Friedman underscores that quality by focusing on the evidence of surviving traditions..."

-The New York Times
 July 4, 1999

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