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NYC Street Scenes

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Two Little Girls Playing
16" X 20"
Edition of 40
Two Guys on Window Sill
16" X 20"
Edition of 40
Coney Island
Family in Doorway,
Mother & Son,
Square Park
Butchers, 14th Street,
Saint Patrick's 
Day Parade
White Sandals,
Brighton Beach
Morning Prayer,
Brooklyn, NY
At the Boardwalk,
Brighton Beach
5th Avenue, NYC All Soda, Coney Island
Indi 500,
Brooklyn, NY
Lower East Side, NY Man in Doorway
    Banana Lady

New York City Street Scenes Reprinted from Vintage Negatives ~ Late 1960s to Early 1980s
Image Sizes Approximately 5" X 7", in Editions of 25

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